When was the last time you shot the same image vertically and horizontally? Most hobby photographers shoot in the moment. They point, shoot and let the image develop as it may not thinking about how a photo could look if the camera was held a different way. Most beginner photographers don't realize that the way the camera is positioned can make a huge impact on the tone of the shot.

The way you hold the camera position, vertically (up and down) or horizontally (left to right) helps determine the way your subject is framed. Camera position also helps you get as close as possible to your subject. Generally, if you are shooting one or two subjects you are better off holding your camera position vertically. If you are shooting three or more people then you are better off positioning your camera horizontally.

Most people shoot horizontally. Unfortunately, doing so doesn't always yield the best results. This is especially true when a photographer is trying to capture a single individual. For example, if you are on a vacation at the Grand Canyon with your spouse it's understandable that you want to capture the wide scenic background in your shot while your better half poses near by (read Tips for better Photo Poses ). However, it's best to save the horizontal shot for when you are taking panoramic photos of the landmark. When you are trying to capture a body in front of a vast open space you should hold the camera vertically. (read Guide to Creating Better Scenic Photography)

Another tip: Move the camera before you move yourself. In most situations you can stand 5-10 feet from your subject and hold the camera in the vertical position, then turn it to the horizontal position to see if you can fit everyone in the frame. If you can't, then take a step backward and reposition the camera again to maximize the space and fill the frame as much as possible. Remember, the key is to get as close as possible to your subject to avoid unwanted dead space.

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